Saturday, May 30, 2009

Step Away From Food: Bathroom Remodel Week 5

Week 5 contained just enough changes to give us hope, but not enough to actually get anywhere near finishing our bathroom.
This week our electrical was finished, including all new switches, outlets, light fixtures, heater, and exhaust fan. Hurrah!

Also this week, our flooring was put in. I like it (I originally wanted a stark black-and-white tile, but realized if I ever got sick of the current color scheme, such flooring would be a hindrance and not an asset, so we went with something a little more flexible) but it's a little more 'red' than 'gold'

Oh well. It's still a thousand times nicer than what we had.

Unfortunately, we had a call from the contractor on Thursday morning, explaining that when they went to stain our vanity with the color we'd chosen -- the wooden panels peeled back!!!


So the contractor was having it fixed and/or a new one built by the guy who built the first one. The only thing anybody can figure out is the stain and these new "environmentally friendly" glues that are used didn't jive so well.

I don't really care what happened, as long as it doesn't happen again. Ever. Ya know?
So now we're on hold until Monday. We'll see what Monday brings!

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